It all happened so suddenly.  The way I fell in love with you.

Something hard, and heavy, full of power and intensity stuck me in the heart.  I could not move, for I felt I would break into a thousand pieces if I tried.  I could feel it spreading through my body: down my trembling arms and feeble legs that could barely support me, and up my chest where my mind was overwhelmed by its gesture of someone else occupying its home.

Baby, I had to lay down, the only way I believed could remove your immense aura from my brain before I felt insane.

As I stared at the ceiling above, you moved from my heart to my spine, my toes to my heels, my frontal to my occipital, and my chest to my throat.  My spine began to internalize you throughout myself, while my feet tingled and my throat choked at the very thought of you.  You see, because you had taken to the back of my mind, the recesses of it that controlled my eyesight and language, and were now beginning to draw picture before me on the ceiling’s blank canvas with colors too vivid for this world.  I began to speak a language I had never heard before, that included words like love and beauty, you and I, we and us, ours and always.

This hallucination was stronger than any drug I’ve ever tried and different from anything I’ve ever felt.  No comparison could be built.  I rolled over to my stomach to release you through my mouth so that I could breathe again, see again, speak again, and walk again; to no avail.  You had taken me at the very core, and pierced yourself into every crevice within me.

So, I gave into you darling.  I rested my palms and my cheek on the ground, closed my eyes, and there you were.  You were, so beautiful.  Time became irrelevant and my only happiness was within myself, where my mind and my body were perfect for you.  It was, is, all yours.

I pushed myself up slowly off the ground, weak at first.  I moved my legs gently to support myself to stand.  As every vertebrae aligned itself, I was different.  I was no longer overwhelmed by you, but supported by you.  I stood and face forward.  I was stronger, smarter, wiser, and most of all, happier, because you now lived in my heart, in my eyes and ears, my hands and feet, and my mind.  So you aren’t going anywhere, you’re already here, along for the ride.

fake Klimt

Paris early spring

Remember all those days in passing–ones now that seem so faint,

You silly silly boy, you always were so quaint,

Your eyes follow me like I was dancing this life for you,

But rigidness and dishonesty makes the showcase undo,

And so my dear, if you ever dare come follow me down,

I’ll take you places you’ve never seen,

We’ll end up like those celebrities in the magazines downtown.


We laughed like this was what we wanted and this was how it should be,

TIllich says the first duty of love is to listen– but I withhold my scream and pleas,

This world isn’t normal baby and neither are we,

Come follow me down into the seven seas,

So we return to children before you’re mind was tainted and my heart was broke,

We’ll wash away these sins and those first words to me you ever spoke,

So that when we walk down champs towards the arc of time,

You’ll smile and say ‘honey i’ll give you this world and more’

And I’ll smile back to my lover, not my crime,

Then laugh softly inaudibly, because my fake Klimt has chipped,

A kiss, a love, a life we never bore.